AMZPro Sourcing
Your success begins with the right product!

This is what you can expect!

  • FREE: Non-binding initial consultation by telephone.
  • SEARCH: We find the ideal manufacturer for your product.
  • TRANSPARENCY: You get the complete manufacturer data
  • PRICE: We are happy to negotiate prices (in Chinese) for more profit.
  • QUALITY: We pay attention to good quality for better products.
  • SUPERVISOR: Monitoring of production, quality & delivery time (optional).
  • ONE-STOP: You have only one contact (English speaking).
  • UNDERSTANDING: We solve your problems in China before they occur.
  • AMAZON: We are experts, especially in the Amazon business.
  • PRE-CHECK: Cheap analysis in advance for your desired product incl. Express Sourcing for only 149€ (up to 4 hours). It is refundable.

Founder of AMZPro: Jens Lindner

We speak German, English and Chinese. That way we can work even more effectively for you.

A basic principle in our business is the discretion and loyalty to our customers

Contact person 
You have your personal contact
who speaks your language and is there for you.


Service Packages

Service Level

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


net plus VAT


1 product / up to 5 offers


1 product / up to 5 offers


1 product / up to 5 offers

Briefing Check

Obtain and compare offers

Original supplier data will be communicated transparently

Sample collection/consolidation

up to 3 samples/product

Price negotiation with supplier

in national language


of the supplier

Product inspection incl.

(pre-shipping) and

shipping preparation of the goods

Supervisor / Production monitoring




Order now

Order now

Order now

Our service for you

Why hire a sourcing agency?

A sourcing agency gives you even more security in your production – from the first contact to the export from a single source. Thus, you can completely take care of your business, while we are up close in the production of your goods.

Pre-Check of your products

We offer you a preliminary analysis of the desired products. For 149€ plus VAT, you will find out if your target price is realistic or you should change the strategy if necessary. This will save you a lot of time and allow you to focus even more on your growth.

Finding suppliers

We are sure that we will find the right manufacturer for your product. In addition, we check whether he is even able to produce your articles in reasonable quality. Of course, you will get the full data of the manufacturer from us.

Price negotiation

We are happy to negotiate the prices for you. Our Chinese employees know the market and can achieve much better prices in their native language. So you can quickly buy 10-15% cheaper, without reducing the quality.


Things can go wrong during production. Our team continuously monitors the production of your goods at the supplier. Here we pay particular attention to the quality and delivery time, so that errors and delays can be detected early.

Quality inspection

With this service you will receive a pre-shipping Inspection. This means that the goods are inspected before shipment by an experienced inspector and a detailed report is made for you.


Our Amazon affinity puts us in the position to advise you directly on all important issues. So you can redirect the delivery of your manufacturer directly into the Amazon warehouse and save on expensive storage space.

You want more?

You need many products? Your products are almost identical? Do you have regular orders? Then you should contact us directly, so that we can make an individual price agreement with you.

Years of experience

We have been active in the import and export business for a long time. Therefore, we know your needs very well and can answer questions before you ask them.

AMZPro ReOder
If you want, we stay as part of your team
and gladly take over the Re-Order management

Your advantage:

  • COMMUNICATION: We take over the management of the new order
  • OPTIMIZATION: We optimize the processes for you – for even better quality
  • MODIFICATION: We help to implement the feedback of your customers
  • QUALITY: We pay attention to consistent quality for even better reviews
  • PRICES: We negotiate with the manufacturer for stable prices and more profit
Re-Order Level I

Re-Order Level II


/per order


/per order

Without quality control

With AQL Level 2 Quality Control

Founder of AMZPro: Jens Lindner